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    "I nominate Mona Lisa and the Girl with the Pearl Earring." [via]

    Only art students will get this lol ;-)

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    me during the superbowl


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  5. Titanic (film) trivia: The line "Freud? Who is he? Is he a passenger?" was an ad lib by Jonathan Hyde.

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    "Oh, not much. Same old, same old. You?"


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    Mikhail Gorbachev and Ronald Reagan communicate through their interpreters, during their first official meeting, Geneva, Switzerland, November 21, 1985 -

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    someone learned my trick

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  11. "At that point he’s terrified of the emotion required to go through this very difficult thing, and he’s not really prepared… I felt that would be his worst nightmare, having to endure something real." — Richard Ayoade.

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    El ritmo de la vida me parece mal, 2014|by Joe Curtin

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    “The CAUSE OF DEATH was as follows: Exhaustion of Melancholia

    (1923 death certificate from New Brunswick, Canada)

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